2020.08.25 12:57

Lithuania reports shortage of 700 teachers

LRT RADIJAS, LRT.lt2020.08.25 12:57

There are around 700 unfilled teaching positions in Lithuania, according to the country’s Employment Services.

In an interview with LRT RADIO, Audronė Butkienė, a specialist at Employment Services, said that the lack of teachers in Lithuania is due to part-time contracts and the need to commute between different schools.

“In smaller schools, part-time contracts are common,” she said. “Many teachers have to fill full-time hours by working in several schools, so they have to commute between them, and often face mobility challenges.”

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The biggest shortage of teachers was reported in Lithuania’s cities, including Vilnius, Klaipėda, and Šiauliai.

Egidija Nausėdienė, a specialist at the Ministry of Education, Science, and Sport, said the situation could become worse in the future.

“In several years, there will be a greater need for science teachers, especially because the elderly specialists will retire,” she said.

Although the demand for teachers decreased by 13 percent, there were more teachers looking for jobs than there were vacancies. This year, 42 percent more teachers sought employment compared to the year before.

The contrasting figures stem from the mismatch between vacancies and teachers’ qualifications. Most vacancies were for primary school teachers, as well as physics, chemistry, Lithuanian and foreign language specialists.

Meanwhile, most out of work teachers taught in the fields of music, arts, and sports.

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