2020.08.07 13:48

All travelers coming to Lithuania will be required to register with health authorities

BNS2020.08.07 13:48

As of Monday, all travelers arriving in Lithuania from abroad by air or sea will have to register with the National Public Health Centre (NVSC).

All passengers will have to fill out forms on paper or online before disembarking, according to a decree signed by Health Minister Aurelijus Veryga on Friday.

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Airlines and ship operators will be required to provide paper forms to passengers or inform them that these forms are available online.

NVSC specialists will collect completed paper forms from travelers or check if they have filled them out online, according to the decree.

Rolanda Lingienė of the NVSC has said this week that people attending various public events, such as festivals or concerts, will be asked to register, too, if the Covid-19 situation in the country continues to worsen.