2020.08.06 10:46

Lithuania considers mandatory registration of all airline travelers

BNS2020.08.06 10:46

In an effort to better trace the spread of the coronavirus, Lithuania considers to start registering all travelers arriving by plane before they disembark, a senior epidemiologist said.

“We are planning to ask everyone to register,” Rolanda Lingienė, of the National Public Health Centre, told reporters on Wednesday.

“The airlines, the tour operators, would be responsible for getting people to register,” she added.

Air passengers will be asked to fill out registration forms while they are still in flight, Lingienė said, adding the measure was necessary because of the rising number of “imported” coronavirus cases.

If the Covid-19 situation in the country continues to deteriorate, people at public events, such as festivals or concerts, will be asked to register too, she added.

Currently, all travelers arriving or returning from blacklisted countries must register with the National Public Health Centre, but some people ignore the rule, the epidemiologist said.

The Lithuanian government has recently brought back mandatory facemasks in shops, airports, indoor venues, customer-serving public institutions and on public transport.

Fines for breaking the rule are 500–1,500 euros for individuals and 1,500–6,000 euros for businesses.