2020.08.05 09:40

Franciscan monk with coronavirus passed away in Vilnius

Jūratė Damulytė, BNS2020.08.05 09:40

A coronavirus-infected Franciscan monk, aged 54, passed away on Tuesday in Vilnius Santara Clinics where he was treated for Covid-19.

The monk came from Kretinga in the west of Lithuania. His death was confirmed to BNS by Kretinga Mayor Antanas Kalnius on Wednesday.

“We received a message yesterday that the Franciscan brother died,” the mayor said. He said he had no information on the exact cause of death.

The National Public Health Centre confirmed to BNS that a coronavirus-infected person died at Santara Clinics, but could not provide more information on this case.

Meanwhile, Franciscan Astijus Kungys, the parson of the Kretinga parish, told BNS the monk died of Covid-19.

“He was placed on an ECMO lung ventilator during the last days, and the condition was not improving, it was deteriorating, and he died on Tuesday night just before 17:00,” he said.

The National Public Health Centre reported that the monk, who lived at the Franciscan monastery in Kretinga, had been diagnosed with Covid–19 on July 7.

The virus was confirmed at Klaipėda University Hospital after the monk returned from the Czech Republic by car on July 3 and developed coronavirus symptoms.

If Covid-19 is confirmed as the cause of death, he would be the 81st coronavirus casualty in Lithuania.

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