2020.06.19 17:00

Tsarist-era prison in Vilnius that hosted Netflix Stranger Things to be sold

LRT TV, LRT.lt2020.06.19 17:00

Lithuania government has decided to sell a part of the former Tsar-era prison complex in central Vilnius. A third of the space will be rented out.

The Lukiškės prison was built in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius in 1904 and closed down last July. The structure is listed as architectural heritage.

The Lithuanian government said that a part of the complex, which will not be for sale, could be repurposed for various cultural and educational projects.

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“We provided a balanced offer. The historically valuable part will be developed further, using it for education, cultural, and innovation purposes,” Vilius Šapoka, Lithuanian Finance Minister, told LRT TV.

“A part of the complex will be sold, allocating the money for the development of the part kept by the state. Another part will be rented out,” he added.

After its closure, the prison has been used for organising tours, art exhibitions, and filming the new season of Netflix drama Stranger Things.

Vilnius municipality also expressed interest in administering a part of Lukiškės complex. But the government said that the municipality could cooperate with ministries responsible for implementing particular projects at Lukiškės.

Authorities said the former prison will be in disposition of the Lithuanian Property Bank (Turto Bankas).

The government wants to sell the hospital building of the Lukiškės complex for 6 million euros. The reconstruction of the remaining buildings of the former prison could cost up to 10 million euros, the government estimates.

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