2020.05.21 10:09

Lithuania launches coronavirus map, profiling infections by region

BNS 2020.05.21 10:09

The Lithuanian Health Ministry has launched a new virtual map of Covid-19 statistics in Lithuania, broken down by municipalities, as well as gender and age groups. 

The map (accessible here) also provides the total data, daily changes, and trends.

The city of Vilnius currently leads the country in confirmed cases, 387, followed by Klaipėda with 271, the district of Vilnius with 227, and Kaunas with 99. No cases have so far been recorded in the districts of Zarasai and Pakruojis, and the municipality of Birštonas.

By age groups, the largest number of Covid-19 cases has been recorded among people aged 50-59 (351 cases), followed by those aged 40–49 (255), and those aged 60–69 (231).

The lowest number of cases, 21, has been diagnosed among children aged up to nine years.

The map was developed in cooperation with the Centre of Registers and is updated once daily.