2020.05.19 17:07

Coronavirus: outbreak at Vilnius supermarket and McDonald's

LRT.lt2020.05.19 17:07

Lithuania confirmed 15 new coronavirus cases over Monday, the country's Health Ministry said on Tuesday.

Lithuania tested 6,496 people for Covid-19 on Monday, and 37 samples came back positive. However, it was initially unclear how many of them were new cases due to a technical glitch, the ministry said.

In all, 1,562 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Lithuania so far. Sixty people have died from Covid-19.

According to the ministry, 1,025 people have recovered from Covid-19, while 471 are still considered active cases.

Infections at supermarket and fast food restaurant

An employee at a McDonald's restaurant and several workers at a Rimi supermarket in Vilnius were diagnosed with the virus, the National Public Health Centre said on Tuesday.

Both the restaurant and the supermarket are located in the Žirmūnai area of the Lithuanian capital.

Rimi Lietuva, the owner of the supermarket, announced it was closing the production unit at the Žirmūnai store where the four infected employees were working.

A total of 126 people work at the Rimi production unit and 27 are now in self-isolation. The staff are undergoing urgent tests, according to the National Public Health Centre.

Two of the infected were diagnosed with Covid-19 on Monday and two more cases were confirmed on Tuesday. According to the company, the infected employees had not been interacting with their colleagues since at least May 10.

One employee of a McDonald's restaurant on Kareivių Street was confirmed to have Covid-19 on Tuesday. The employee had not been at work since May 9, according to the National Public Health Centre, and could have gotten the disease from family members who are also infected.

This case might be related to the coronavirus hotspot in Vilnius City Clinical Hospital, according to the centre.

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