2020.04.24 10:59

Lithuania drops plans to test all medical workers for Covid-19

BNS 2020.04.24 10:59

The Lithuanian government has dropped the plan to test all medical workers for Covid-19 without exception.

Since some are working from home and face very little risk of being exposed to the coronavirus, there is no sense in testing them, Health Minister Aurelijus Veryga told a press conference on Thursday.

His comments came in response to his decision this week to cancel mass testing of medical workers.

“There are dozens of thousands of medics in Lithuania and if we start testing absolutely everyone, even those who are working remotely, and testing them every seven days, it would bring a lot of chaos,” Veryga said.

According to the health ministers, medics remain one of the most actively tested groups. However, priority is given to those facing a direct risk of contracting the coronavirus. Moreover, mass testing is conducted at nursing homes.

“The recommendation [to test medical workers every seven days] and the mass testing were fairly excessive and misleading, since we really don’t need to test everyone. Some people might probably be tested more frequently, and there's no point in doing that at all for others,” the minister said.