2020.04.21 09:08

Coronavirus: second death in Klaipėda care home hotspot

updated, BNS2020.04.21 09:08

A second patient from a care home in Lithuania's Klaipėda has died, bringing the country's total number of deaths to 38.

“Unfortunately, one person of an advanced age has died. He was also confirmed with Covid-19” alongside other chronic illnesses, Raimundas Grigaliūnas from the National Public Health Centre told BNS on Tuesday.

The person passed away on Monday, according to the centre. Another person from the hospice passed away over the weekend.

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Lithuanian Health Minister Aurelijus Veryga on Monday described the situation in Klaipėda hospice where most of the patients have been infected with the coronavirus as "scandalous," saying those responsible will be held to account.

According to the minister, Klaipėdos Hospisas had permission for only one bed, but it actually had almost 40 people in hospice care.

"The latest information that we have from Klaipėdos Hospisas is scandalous, to say the least," Veryga told reporters on Monday.

"Specialists from the National Public Health Center who looked at the situation there found out that the facility had the hygiene passport for only one hospice bed and services," the minister said. "In fact, there were 38 beds and, unfortunately, most of the 38 patients are infected."

"If all this situation is absolutely what it looks like, then the issue of responsibility of certain people will apparently be raised," he added.

By Tuesday morning, 33 patients and 11 staff members at the Klaipeda hospice have tested positive for the coronavirus

Twenty-four new cases

Another 24 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Lithuania over Monday, bringing the total count to 1,350, the Health Ministry said on Tuesday morning.

It said that 4,401 tests had been carried out in the past 24 hours and 70,753 since the beginning of the epidemic.

Thirty-seven people have died of the virus in the country so far, and 298 have been confirmed to have recovered.

A total of 148 patients are being treated for Covid-19 in hospitals in Lithuania, including 18 cases in intensive care units, the country's chief epidemiologist said on Tuesday.

“We have 148 hospitalised cases, of whom 18 are in intensive care, including 11 on ventilators,” Loreta Ašoklienė told a news conference.

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