2020.04.16 16:50

Entire Lithuanian town under lockdown to be tested for Covid-19

Ignas Jačauskas, BNS 2020.04.16 16:50

All residents of Nemenčinė, a coronavirus hotspot town put under lockdown this week, will be tested for the coronavirus, Lithuania's interior minister said.

The first ones to undergo testing are all workers of the local garment factory Vilnika where the Covid-19 outbreak began, according to Minister Rita Tamašunienė.

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“The [government's] Covid-19 committee decided today to test more residents, starting from workers of Vilnika,” she told reporters on Thursday.

“Later on, [all] residents of Nemenčinė will be tested so they can find out whether they have the virus or not,” she added.

Nineteen workers of the factory were diagnosed with the virus last week, as well as an employee of a local elderly care home.

This prompted the government to put the entire town of about 5,000 people near Vilnius under lockdown, restricting movement from and to Nemenčinė for a week.

Liucina Kotlovska, the director of administration at Vilnius District Municipality, said around 70 staff members Senevita, the local care home where coronavirus was detected, were tested on Wednesday and the remaining would be tested on Thursday.

In all, the home has around 200 residents and 150 employees.