2020.04.09 09:16

Coronavirus: an elderly scholar dies from Covid-19, 1,225 medics in isolation

BNS2020.04.09 09:16

A well-known Lithuania scholar, Elena Stankūnienė, died from Covid-19 in Klaipėda on Thursday, the Health Ministry said. She is the 16th death linked to the novel coronavirus in Lithuania.

The Lithuanian Geographical Society said Stankūnienė, 98, died on Wednesday. She studied and later worked at the Vilnius State Pedagogical Institute, now know as the University of Educational Sciences.

She specialised in geography, including demographic and population geography. She worked on 40 publications, and also prepared the education programme for physical geography of the continents

The Lithuanian Geographical Society has extended its deepest condolences to Stankūnienė's family, friends, former colleagues and everyone who knew her.

The total number of cases rises to 955

Forty-two new cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in Lithuania on Wednesday, bringing the total to 955, the Health Ministry said on Thursday.

A total of 2,699 samples were tested on Wednesday, and 32,809 tests have been carried out so far.

Meanwhile, 154 medical workers in Lithuania have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, and 1,225 are in isolation, according to Daiva Razmuvienė, an epidemiologist from the National Public Health Centre.

As of Wednesday, the number of infected medics had gone up by almost 20 in 24 hours, and the number of medical workers in insolation increased by several hundred. On Tuesday, 135 were confirmed with Covid-19 and 944 were in isolation.

Around 10,000 people should be in self-isolation after coming in contact with a person diagnosed with Covid-19, or returning from abroad, Razmuvienė told LRT RADIO on Thursday.

Those figures also showed that the confirmed number of coronavirus cases might increase further, she said.

“We are far from out of the woods. The growth rate is slower in other countries as they have a doubling time of 12–15 days whereas in Lithuania, the respective period is 9–10 days. Hence it would be too early to calm down and to ignore quarantine recommendations,” she said.

Meanwhile, the ages of those infected with the virus have not changed. "Around 64 percent are 41-years-old and over, and the remaining [patients] are younger. Practically, it's the same," the epidemiologist said earlier on Tuesday.

She also added that every fifth infected person is over 60.

As of Thursday morning, 15 people in Lithuania have died and eight have recovered.

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