2020.03.31 16:30

Lithuania's resort towns put a ban on hotel services

BNS2020.03.31 16:30

Three Lithuanian resort towns have ordered their hotels to close, fearing that tourists may spread the coronavirus. Only Neringa, which covers Lithuania's Curonian Spit, decided against restrictions.

Accommodation service providers in Palanga, Birštonas and Druskininkai will not be allowed to accept guests during the coronavirus quarantine.

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“The main goal is to protect local people by minimising contacts and migration to our town,” Akvilę Kilijonienė, the municipal administration director of Palanga, told BNS.

The municipality of Birštonas, a spa town in just south of Kaunas, decided to put restrictions on accommodation services to avoid high concentration of people.

Druskininkai, another spa town in the south of Lihtuania, on Tuesday imposed a ban on accommodation and short-term rental services during the quarantine.

“It is forbidden to take in new customers, and those who arrived earlier must leave today,” the town's municipality said.

Neringa, which includes the town of Nida, opted not to impose any restrictions.

“We decided [...] to leave things as they are, at least for now,” Sandra Vaišvilaitė, a spokeswoman for Neringa Municipality, told BNS.

“Those who come to our resort are mostly people who own real estate here or their friends, so they would not be subject to such restrictions anyway,” she said.

The government decided last week that each municipality could decide whether or not to restrict accommodation services during the quarantine period.