2020.03.30 17:00

Some 140 Lithuanian companies ready to provide medical equipment

Paulius Viluckas, BNS2020.03.30 17:00

There are around 140 Lithuanian companies that can produce the necessary medical and protective equipment against Covid-19, Enterprise Lithuania said.

The government's export promotion agency, which coordinates business support efforts during the coronavirus crisis, has made the list available to hospitals, businesses and other buyers of protective gear and services.

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“Businesses are really capable of producing and supplying [protective gear and services],” Jolita Mažeikienė, the head of communications at Enterprise Lithuania, told BNS. Hospitals and businesses were already buying from them, she added.

The list includes the distillery Vilniaus Degtinė, which is producing hand sanitizer, the textile manufacturer Utenos Trikotažas (disposable masks), Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics (coronavirus test kits), Teltonika (lung ventilation equipment), and the mobile operator Tele2 (free Internet to healthcare institutions and personnel).

Enterprise Lithuania guarantees that the products and services of the companies on the list comply with safety and risk standards.

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