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When to get tested for Covid-19? New rules in Lithuania explained 2020.03.30 18:00

The Lithuanian government pledged on Friday to increase the scope and rate of testing for the coronavirus. Under the new rules – when should you turn to the country's healthcare service, and who is eligible to be tested for Covid-19?

The Health Ministry said on Friday that all people experiencing cold-like symptoms associated with the coronavirus could now be tested.

Those experiencing symptoms are split into two different groups:

The risk group – those over the age of 60, or with chronic illnesses (diabetes, cardiovascular or respiratory tract diseases, or related to liver, kidney and other illnesses), who experience sudden signs of respiratory tract infections – fever and/or difficulties breathing. These people should dial 112 immediately to be taken to hospital.

The country’s entire medical workforce will also be tested for the coronavirus, according to the ministry. The country's hospitals and clinics can themselves decide how often the testing should be carried out.

The general population – people under 60 who experience mild, cold-like symptoms can turn to their family doctor (the GP) who will then register them to the so-called fever clinics. The alternative is to be tested at drive-in clinics by calling the coronavirus hotline, 1808.

The government established the so-called fever clinics after the example in China and some other countries.

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The GPs will direct people with Covid-19 symptoms to these clinics which are specifically equipped to deal with coronavirus infections.

From now on, the Health Ministry considers a person suspected of being infected with the coronavirus if:

– the person displays at least one of the following symptoms of acute respiratory tract infection: a sudden onset of fever, coughing, breathing difficulties.
– the person has not been diagnosed with another illness that could explain these symptoms.
– the person has travelled in the 14-day period before the onset of symptoms in countries or regions that are experiencing the spread of Covid-19.
– the person displays symptoms of respiratory tract infection and havs been in close contact with a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19.

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