2020.02.13 12:53

Coronavirus may reach Lithuania, says health minister

BNS 2020.02.13 12:53

Lithuania may have to expand protective measures against the coronavirus and introduce controls on roads in and out of the country, Health Minister Aurelijus Veryga said ahead of an EU meeting.

Coronavirus cases have been reported in several EU countries and may reach Lithuania, too, according to the minister.

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“Lithuania is part of the Schengen area. Apart from airports and ships, where [the coronavirus is] easy to spot and quarantine, there are also roads,” Veryga told the Žinių Radijas radio on Thursday. “It is very realistic that the virus may come to Lithuania. We are preparing and watching.”

He added that coronavirus monitoring measures, currently in use in the country's airports, might be broadened to cover other routes of transport.

EU ministers are meeting in Brussels on Thursday, Veryga said, to discuss possible measures.

“The threat is real, and EU ministers are gathering to exchange opinions and prepare, if necessary, for monitoring movement not only at airports, but also across borders,” he said.

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