2020.01.29 16:09

Migrating birds from Poland may pose bird flu threat in Lithuania

BNS 2020.01.29 16:09

Lithuanian authorities plan to check how the country's poultry farms comply with biosecurity requirements amid a spread of bird flu in neighbouring Poland.

"An expert task group has been set up to inspect all major poultry farms for compliance with biosecurity requirements before [the start of] active bird migration in mid-March," Vidmantas Paulauskas, the deputy director of the State Food and Veterinary Service, told reporters on Wednesday's.

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According to Paulauskas, failure to comply with these requirements is the key reason why the infection is spreading in Poland.

The highest probability of bird flue reaching Lithuania comes during the migration period, the official said.

"Lithuania is the main point of intersection of migration routes for water birds, and it is here that they land to rest because of good conditions," he said.

The veterinary authority is working together with ornithologists to identify places where migratory birds land to rest, Paulauskas added.

People are being asked to report if they find dead birds near water bodies.