2020.01.27 16:20

Lithuanian border guards to monitor cars amid coronavirus outbreak

BNS 2020.01.27 16:20

Amid the new coronavirus outbreak in China, the Lithuania Health Ministry wants border guards to monitor cars arriving in the country.

The Emergency Operations Center, which held a meeting at the ministry on Monday, decided to ask the State Border Guard Service for help, the ministry said.

The specialists stated at the meeting that the risk of the virus spreading in Europe was low and there was no direct threat to Lithuania. However, the National Public Health Center's specialists have been stationed around the clock at all three international airports and the seaport of Klaipėda.

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According to the Health Ministry, the National Public Health Surveillance Laboratory has already taken steps to purchase the necessary equipment to detect the coronavirus.

All people who have traveled to China this year and have developed symptoms are advised to stay at home and call a health care facility.

Health care providers and ambulance services have also been updated on the latest situation and issued with recommendations on how to identify symptoms caused by the coronavirus.

"In the event of a suspected case, the patient would be transported to [Vilnius'] Santaros hospital that uses state-of-the-art isolation methods," the ministry said.