2020.01.17 09:29

Lithuania to introduce remote medical services for regional hospitals

BNS 2020.01.17 09:29

Lithuania plans to launch telemedicine services for district and regional hospitals as of next year, allowing specialists from the country's major hospitals to consult patients remotely.

According to Health Minister Aurelijus Veryga, a pilot project will be launched this year with three telemedicine centres at three national-level hospitals.

“We believe Lithuania has matured for such a solution,” Veryga told a press conference on Thursday.

Under the initiative, Kaunas Clinics, Santara Clinics in Vilnius and the Vilnius University Hospital will have three emergency rooms at district or regional hospitals they will consult and provide teleconsultations to, and also monitoring services, if necessary.

Regional medical establishment will use mobile equipment with the possibility to connect diagnostics instruments, such as otoscopes, ophtalmoscope, ultrasound machines, etc.

A consultant doctor at the national-level hospital will be able to evaluate a patient's condition, prescribe tests, amend the treatment plan and provide recommendations on further tests and treatment.

The major telemedicine centres will also allow to exchange information.