News2020.01.06 11:00

Lithuania in need of foreign drivers and construction workers

Erika Alonderytė, BNS 2020.01.06 11:00

Lithuania's Employment Service has eased migration procedures for drivers, construction and industrial workers due to their short supply in the country.

The list of professions in short supply allowes employers to bring in the required foreign workers under a facilitated procedure without a permit from the Employment Service.

This year, Lithuania may need bricklayers, scaffolders, plasterers, welders, butchers, seamstresses, long-haul drivers and some other professions.

The Employment Service says the list of professions in short supply is compiled in view of vacancies and demand, employers' recommendations, estimated demand for specific professions as well as businesses' planned investment and new jobs.

The list is produced twice a year to balance the demand and supply in the labour market.

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