2019.11.28 17:28

Teenagers suspected of vandalising mosque and synagogue in Lithuania's Kaunas

Austėja Masiokaitė-Liubinienė, BNS2019.11.28 17:28

The same teenagers are suspected of vandalising a mosque and a synagogue in Lithuania's second city, Kaunas.

Windows of the mosque in the city center were smashed on November 17, and a 'Heil Hitler' inscription was discovered on the synagogue's information board on November 13. Police officers in Kaunas believe the two offences were committed by the same people.

In cooperation with the religious communities, three persons, including males aged 17 and 18 and a female aged 15, were identified. They are now being questioned and officers are taking other actions as part of the ongoing pre-trial investigation.

The 18-year-old is in custody and the 15-year-old girl has been handed over to her parent's care.

Property destruction or vandalism and incitement to hatred against any national, racial, ethnic, religious or other group is punishable with prison terms of up to five years.

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