2019.08.16 15:05

Lithuanian government purchasing 4m iodine pills in preparation for Belarus NPP launch

The Lithuanian government has found a supplier to deliver large amounts of iodine pills as part of preparations for the launch of a nuclear power plant in Belarus. The cabinet is now looking for about €900,000 to pay for the purchase.

The Astravyets Nuclear Power Plant, located near the Lithuanian border and only 50 kilometres from the country's capital and most populous city, has drew fierce criticism from the Lithuanian government which insists it is unsafe.

The Ministry of Health has said that the terms of the shipment of iodine has been agreed. The pills should reach the country before the planned launch of the Astravyets NPP this autumn.

The government earlier said it was planning to purchase 4 million iodine pills. They will first be distributed among residents of borderland regions closest to the nuclear facility.

Vilnius City Municipality has also purchased some 2,000 iodine pills to be distributed to its staff in case of a radiation hazard.

Iodine pills protect the body from the harmful effects of radioactive iodine.

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