2019.07.10 09:00

Order and Justice party group in Seimas renamed 'Sovereign Lithuania'

Jūratė Skėrytė, BNS 2019.07.10 09:00

The political group of the Order and Justice party will now be called 'Sovereign Lithuania', Seimas' Vice-Speaker Rima Baskiene announced on Tuesday, and has now rejoined the parliament.

Before that, she read out a statement by MP Agne Širinskienė on her decision to leave the Lithuanian Farmers and Greens Union (LVŽS) and join the Souvereign Lithuania group.

Sovereign Lithuania now includes Kęstutis Bartkevičius, Algimantas Dumbrava, Juozas Imbrasas, Vytautas Kamblevičius, Agnė Širinskienė, Ona Valiukevičiūtė and Remigijus Žemaitaitis.

The opposition slammed the move, saying that Širinskienė will in fact continue acting as a LVŽS representative.

Širinskienė said earlier she was ready to join another group if that was necessary "to ensure stability and to ensure the political group's continues work".

LVŽS group's leader Ramūnas Karbauskis told journalists it would not be a loss, as Širinskienė "will continue sitting where she sits, and will continue attending our group's meetings".

The Order and Justice goup collapsed in June, after Valentinas Bukauskas, a representative of the Labour Party, left and the group no longer had the minimum seven members required.

The Order and Justice party, the LVŽS, the Social Democratic Labor of Lithuania and the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania – Christian Families Alliance signed a coalition agreement last Friday.