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Lithuania’s desovietisation law comes into effect, public spaces to be affected

BNS 2023.05.02 11:55

A new law in Lithuania has come into effect on May 1, making it mandatory for municipalities to remove monuments and other symbols in public spaces that propagate totalitarian and authoritarian regimes.

Local municipalities have been given 20 working days to submit lists of such public spaces to the state-funded Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania (LGRTC)

The parliament passed the law in December last year, banning the commemoration or representation of people, symbols and information promoting totalitarian or authoritarian regimes and their ideologies.

The research centre, together with local municipalities, will have the power to deem certain objects as being linked to totalitarian or authoritarian regimes. The process will be assisted by a commission made up of nine members, who will be delegated by various institutions and organisations and approved by the Seimas.

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