2021.12.01 10:27

Pandemic management changes in Lithuania – what you need to know

Modesta Gaučaitė-Znutienė, LRT.lt2021.12.01 10:27

Amendments adopted by the Lithuanian government in mid-November regarding the issuance of the national Covid-19 certificate, as well as testing, enter into force on Wednesday.

As of December 1, the national Covid-19 certificate, or Opportunity Pass (Galimybių pasas), will no longer be issued after a rapid antigen test.

The validity period of the PCR test will be extended from 48 hours to 72 hours.

People will be allowed to take a serological antibody test not only after contracting Covid-19, but also after vaccination.

Only PCR tests will be available at the mobile testing stations. Registrations for rapid antigen tests at the mobile stations after December 1 will be cancelled.

As of December 28, the Opportunity Pass will be valid for seven months (210 days) after the second shot (or the first one for those inoculated with the Janssen vaccine).

After this period, people will have to do an antibody test. If they have enough antibodies, their Covid certificates will be extended for 60 days.

If the antibodies are too low, Lithuanian residents will have to be vaccinated with a booster shot to obtain the Covid certificate.

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As of Wednesday, testing of workers in certain occupations who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 will no longer be funded by the government.

According to the Lithuanian Health Ministry, the government will still fund Covid-19 testing for people in the following groups:

- people with Covid-19 symptoms;

- people who have been exposed to Covid-19;

- people before hospitalisation;

- people returning from abroad;

- people with a positive antigen test result;

- people who cannot get vaccination due to medical reasons and pregnant women.

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Correction: an earlier version of the article claimed that the 210-day expiry of the Opportunity Pass came into effect on December 1. The rule will apply from December 28.

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