2021.10.28 13:28

Lithuanian Navy buys navigation radars for patrol boats

BNS2021.10.28 13:28

The Lithuanian Naval Force has bought navigation radars with air target detection and tracking capability for its patrol boats.

The contract was signed last week with Italy's Leonardo S.p.A., which presented a better offer than Sweden's SAAB, the Defence Ministry said on Thursday.

Under the contract, worth around 7.9 million euros, the supplier is to prepare the necessary technical documentation, train the operators and technical staff, test the radars, and install and integrate the purchased equipment into Lithuania’s patrol boats.

The radars will be mounted aboard Žemaitis (P11), Dzūkas (P12), Aukštaitis (P14) and Sėlis (P15).

The contract should be completed by the end of 2023.

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