2021.10.18 09:43

Lithuania issues permanent residence permits to Afghans evacuees

BNS2021.10.18 09:43

Afghan interpreters and their family members evacuated to Lithuania and accommodated in Raseiniai have been issued with permanent residence permits, the district's mayor said on Friday. 

"The permanent residence permits are already in the hands of the Afghans," Raseiniai District Mayor Andrius Bautronis posted on Facebook.

"Today, Edita Auriliene, head of the Tauragė Division of the Migration Department, and her colleagues handed over the official documents to all the people," he added.

The Afghans themselves will now be able to choose where they want to live, according to the mayor.

Over 170 Afghans – interpreters who had worked for the Lithuania contingent and their family members – were evacuated to Lithuania in August.

They were then temporarily accommodated in the western district of Raseiniai. In late September, the Migration Department decided to grant them political asylum.

In Raseiniai, the Afghans are entitled to an integration programme and have the right to work in the country.

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