2021.08.17 16:08

Sixteen people die in Lithuania after drinking fake alcohol

BNS, LRT.lt2021.08.17 16:08

Sixteen people have died and another two are in intensive care in Lithuania's second largest city of Kaunas after consuming fake alcohol.

"Kaunas Regional Prosecutor's Office is currently carrying out 17 pre-trial investigations, including 16 on the cause of death and another one on negligent deprivation of life," prosecutor Auksė Lipkevičienė from Kaunas Regional Prosecutor's Office told reporters on Tuesday.

The sixteen people were reportedly found dead in the same area of Kaunas last month, or died shortly after being taken to hospital, according to the medics. The victims were aged 30–60.

One female suspect has been detained, suspected of negligent deprivation of life. The police said she has a previous conviction for illicit alcohol sales. More unidentified liquid was seized from her home.

Another person was also suspected of illegal distribution of alcohol but he died of poisoning on Monday night.

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