2021.08.16 09:45

People allergic to vaccines, pregnant woman to get free Covid-19 tests in Lithuania

Augustas Stankevičius2021.08.16 09:45

Covid-19 tests will remain free of charge for people who cannot get vaccinated due to medical reasons, Aistė Šuksta, spokeswoman for the Lithuanian Health Ministry, says.

“If a family doctor suspects that a patient should not be vaccinated due to allergy to a vaccine component or other reasons, they will refer the patient to an allergy-immunity specialist or an infection specialist,” she told BNS.

If the specialist decides that the patient might have adverse reactions to vaccines, the medical records system will recognise them as eligible for free tests.

The exemption will also apply to pregnant women, although there are no recommendations for them not to get vaccinated.

All other people need to pay for PCR tests to get national certificates as of Monday, August 16. Such certificates will be issued to all people over the age of 16 who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus, have had the virus or undergo regular testing.

Before, both negative PCR and antigen tests were accepted, but as of Monday only negative PCR tests, done within the past 48 hours, will be accepted for getting the national Covid-19 certificate, the so-called ‘opportunity pass’.

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