2021.08.12 11:58

‘Important documents’ stolen from Lithuanian Foreign Ministry, president's adviser says

BNS2021.08.12 11:58

Asta Skaisgirytė, the chief foreign policy adviser to the Lithuanian president, says that “important documents” have been stolen from the Foreign Ministry.

The ministry would not comment on the statement. However, it did issue a statement about an attempted cyber-attack a day before.

Skaisgirytė mentioned the allegedly stolen documents when discussing Tuesday's riot by the parliament building and unrest at a migrant camp in Rūdninkai.

“The riots outside the Seimas and in Rūdninkai and information emerging on the same day that important documents had been stolen from the Foreign Ministry. Too many coincidences to be considered accidental,” Skaisgirytė told LRT RADIO.

Vytautė Šmaižytė-Kuliešienė, a spokeswoman for the foreign minister, declined to comment on the information.

“We cannot comment on the presidential adviser's words,” she told BNS. “The Foreign Ministry issued a press release yesterday and we are sticking to it.”

The ministry said in the press release on Wednesday that it had “recorded an attempt to carry out an information-cyber-attack”, adding that “authorities have been informed and an investigation has been launched”.

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