2020.09.15 16:00

Baltics among EU's smallest recipients of Chinese investment – statistics

LRT.lt2020.09.15 16:00

The Baltic states and Slovakia remain Europe’s smallest recipients of China’s foreign direct investment (FDI), according to the 2000–2019 stats published by Politico Europe.

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia have each received just 0.1 billion euros in FDI from China in the 19-year period, according to Politico.

When normalised by GDP, Estonia’s share of China’s FDI was the highest among the four countries with 3.6 percent – which overtook Poland's 2.6 percent and Austria's 2.8 – followed by 3.3 in Latvia, 2.1 in Lithuania, and 1.1 in Slovakia.

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The United Kingdom remains the largest recipient, which ballooned from 8.97 billion euros in 2016 to 20.9 billion euros in 2017 following the Brexit referendum.

Trade relations between Lithuania and China have recently intensified, with the Lithuanian post and railway operators signing a deal with China’s postal service to become a regional hub for parcel deliveries.

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However, the country's leaders, including Defence Minister Raimundas Karoblis, have previously warned that China's investment into the country's strategic infrastructure may pose security risks.

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