2020.06.20 14:00

Latvia dedicates gigantic statue to Covid-19 medics

LRT.lt2020.06.20 14:00

Latvia has erected a 6-metre-tall statue dedicated to the health care workers who fought the coronavirus pandemic.

Medics to the World, the enormous sculpture in the Latvian capital, Riga, shows a female doctor “who has just come out of the treatment room and is getting ready for the next shift”, said the press release by the initiators.

It added that the sculpture is a sign of gratitude “to the medics in Latvia and all over the world for their selfless service during the Covid-19 pandemic”.

The statue was designed by Aigars Bikše, a prominent Latvian sculptor and professor at the Art Academy of Latvia, and supported by donations from almost 20 local companies.

“The three-month-long lockdown period and fear for their life made the people change their perspective towards doctors, nurses, and other medical staff,” Bikše was quoted in the press release. “Many just now, for the first time in their lives, realised the vital importance of the medical staff.”

With 1,108 confirmed cases and 30 deaths as of Friday, Latvia is among the countries that successfully took the coronavirus outbreak under control.