2020.04.13 09:20

Coronavirus: 1,062 confirmed cases, new hotspot in garment factory 2020.04.13 09:20

Nine new coronavirus cases were confirmed in Lithuania over Sunday, bringing the total count to 1,062, according to the Health Ministry. One person with Covid-19 died.

Lithuania's total death count stands at 24 as of Monday. Since the beginning of the epidemic, there have been 101 confirmed recoveries.

Over Sunday, 791 people were tested for the infection. In all, 41,503 tests have been carried out in Lithuania since the outbreak, according to the ministry.

Three police officers and one police staffer are among the confirmed infections, Interior Ministry spokesman Ramūnas Matonis told LRT RADIO, all of them “feeling fine and recovering”. Additionally, between 20 and 30 police officers have self-isolated after coming into contact with infected people.

New Covid-19 hotspot in Nemenčinė

Nemenčinė, a town some 20 kilometres north of Vilnius, has become a new coronavirus hotspot in the country. An employee at a local garment factory was diagnosed with Covid-19 last Friday.

By Sunday, the infection had been confirmed for 13 of the factory's workers.

The factory of 314 workers is now the biggest coronavirus infection hotspot outside hospitals in the country, according to Rolanda Lingienė, the head of the National Public Health Centre's Vilnius Department.

“[The disease] is spreading rapidly and it is a cause for great concern,” she said about Nemenčinė.