2019.09.10 10:30

China newspaper mocks Baltic states for squalor and ‘ridiculous wages’

ERR News, BNS, 2019.09.10 10:30

Wen Wei Po, a state-owned Chinese newspaper in Hong Kong, published an article mocking the independence of the three Baltic states, Estonian daily newspaper Postimees reported.

According to ERR News, the article also stated that instead of anticipated success, the countries were left in squalor and suffer corrupt politicians, ridiculous wages and inter-ethnic conflicts.

The article was published on August 24, a day after protesters in Hong Kong organized a human chain inspired by the Baltic Way, a human chain linking Vilnius, Riga and Talinn that demanded independence from the Soviet Union on August 23, 1989.

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In response to a series of articles on Chinese meddling in the Baltic states, China's embassy in Talinn issued a statement saying that the role of journalists should be promoting good relations between two countries, not twisting the truth.

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"Journalists are committed to professional ethics and must adhere to the principles of accuracy, impartiality and truth. They are expected to [contribute to] the advancement of Chinese-Estonian relations, instead of disclosing false and misleading information that twists the truth. We should cherish the friendly relations and bright prospects of China and Estonia," the embassy wrote.