2019.08.12 11:00

Lithuanian pentathlete Asadauskaitė wins European gold for the 4th time

LRT.lt2019.08.12 11:00

The Lithuanian pentathlete Laura Asadauskaitė-Zadneprovskienė won gold in the 2019 European Modern Pentathlon Championships on Sunday, becoming the European champion for the fourth time.

This victory gives Asadauskaitė a ticket to Tokyo Olympics next year, although she had already secured one by winning the world cup.

Asadauskaitė performed particularly well in the final combined running and shooting event, overtaking the Belarusian pentathlete Iryna Prasiantsova. Before the event, the Lithuanian ranked in the 5-6 place.

Prasiantsova won finished third, while Kate French, representing Great Britain, won the second place.

“I am grateful to everyone who supported me. I saw many Lithuanians here,” Asadauskaitė said after the competition in Bath, the UK.

Asadauskaitė previously won European championships in 2012, 2015 and 2016.

Another Lithuanian pentathlete, Gintarė Venčkauskaitė-Juškienė, finished 9th. She also qualified for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

The Lithuanian women's team, which also includes Ieva Serapinaitė, ranked third, behind Great Britain and Belarus.

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