2019.07.09 18:00

Iconic Vilnius’ trolleybuses compete in yearly race – photos

Vilnius hosted the yearly competition for the capital’s bus and trolleybus drivers. Behind the wheel of the electric-powered, iconic Škoda trolleybuses synonymous with Lithuanian public transport, drivers had to compete 12 challenges in under 12 minutes.

Trolleybus drivers entered the track first, and according to the chief referee Tadeušas Lavrinovičius, complained about the conditions.

“The contact net” above the road, needed to power the electrified, so-called ‘moustache’ of the trolleybus, “is too difficult to navigate,” said Lavrinovičius

However, “it’s quite common in real-life for drivers to face accidental [detachments], where they have to leave the vehicle and re-attach the trolleybus” to the contact net above, he added.

Meanwhile, bus drivers competing alongside the trolleybuses had to grapple with prolonged buses, which “were challenging to reverse back into the garage,” said Lavrinovičius.

Held on July 5, the yearly races “test the drivers’ abilities,” said Vilnius bus and trolleybus driving school manager, Daiga Petrauskienė, but also reward the winners with higher qualification certificates, and “material and moral incentives”.

While organizers admit many of the tests are detached from real-life scenarios, results did show the most difficult parts to be parallel parking, and driving onto a ramp.