2019.06.27 09:30

‘Stay indoors and wait for information’ – Seimas group discusses possibility of nuclear accident in Belarus

BNS 2019.06.27 09:30

A parliamentary group in the Lithuanian Seimas discussed the country's readiness to respond to a possible accident in the Astravyets nuclear power plant in Belarus.

"If an accident occurs and people need to be informed, we will immediately release a message, and there are three steps you need to take after receiving it, and that is to go indoors, stay indoors and wait for information," Edgaras Geda of Lithuania's Fire and Rescue Department says told the meeting on Wednesday.

People should not rush into evacuation after learning of an accident, as the pollution level outdoors would be higher than indoors, according to Geda.

In his words, information about any accident would reach people via warning messages, the media, and sirens.

"There are three possible information channels: sirens, phone messages and radio and TV announcements. If an accident happens and we need to inform people, we would use all those channels to spread the message," the Fire and Rescue Department representative said.

Potassium iodide products should only be on a separate recommendation. "And we would issue such a recommendation when advised by the Ministry of Health," Geda said.

A temporary group in the Lithuanian parliament discussed on Wednesday the country's preparation for a possible nuclear or radiological accident at the Astravyets nuclear power plant which is under construction close to the Lithuanian border.

The group discussed the readiness of Lithuanian institutions to deal with such challenges.

Those invited to the meeting included representatives of the Ministries of the Interior, Energy, Foreign Affairs and Health, as well as specialists from the Fire and Rescue Department, Radiation protection Center, State Nuclear Power Safety Inspectorate, Environmental Protection Agency and Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service.

Lithuania claims that the Belarusian nuclear facility 50 km from Vilnius breaches safety requirements. Minsk denies the accusations.

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