2021.02.12 11:25

Most Lithuanians bracing themselves for downturn – survey

BNS2021.02.12 11:25

More than half of residents of Lithuania believe the economic situation in the country will worsen over the coming year, according to a new survey.

The poll by Eurobarometer asked residents of all European Union member states how they thought the economic situation would change over the coming 12 months.

More than half, 54 percent, of respondents in Lithuania said the situation would get worse, while 22 percent expected improvement. Twenty-four percent said the situation would remain unchanged.

The expectations of Lithuanian residents are similar to those of other Europeans. Across the EU, 53 percent of residents expect the economic situation to worsen.

The Lithuanian government estimates that the country's economy will grow 2.8 percent this year, and the European Commission forecasts a growth rate of 2.2 percent for Lithuania.

Lithuanians stand out in Europe with their optimism about the EU's future, since as many as 70 percent of respondents in Lithuania believed that things in the EU were moving in the right direction.

The share stood at 39 percent across the EU.

The online survey was carried out in November-December, and 1,043 Lithuanian residents took part. The survey was commissioned by the European Parliament and carried out by Kantar.

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