2020.09.07 13:00

Belarus applies ‘Stalinist methods’ to suppress opposition, says Lithuanian FM

Milena Andrukaitytė, BNS2020.09.07 13:00

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius has called the recent kidnapping of Maria Kolesnikova, a representative of the Belarusian opposition, "a disgrace" and demanded her immediate release.

"Instead of talking to the people of Belarus, the outgoing leadership is trying cynically to eliminate [the opposition] one by one. The kidnapping of Kolesnikova in [...] Minsk is a disgrace," Linkevcius tweeted.

"Stalinist NKVD methods are being applied in 21st century’s Europe. She must be released immediately,” he wrote.

Citing witnesses, website reported that Kolesnikova, a member of the opposition's Coordination Council, was taken by masked people who blocked her path in an unmarked van.

One witness told reporters that masked people wearing plain clothes took Kolesnikova into a van near the National Art Museum at around 10:05 local time.

The Belarusian authorities, including the KGB and OMON riot place, have been using unmarked vans to kidnap and attack Belarusians on the streets.

Interfax news agency cites Maxim Znak, another member of the Coordination Council, who says it was impossible to reach Kolesnikova and other council members on Monday morning and their whereabouts are unknown.