2020.06.18 12:15

Lithuanians bring Burning Man to the Baltics

LRT.lt2020.06.18 12:15

Burning Man, attracting around 70,000 participants to the desert in Nevada, will not take place this year for the first time since 1986 due to the coronavirus pandemic. But the Lithuanian Burners community is bringing the experience closer to home, according to a press release.

Amber Burn in Lithuania, based on the Burning Man concepts of freedom and unrestrained self-expression, will take place on August 28–30. The secret location will be revealed a week before the event, according to the organisers.

Burning Man is a week-long event that erects a temporary city in the Nevada desert “wherein everything that happened is created entirely by its citizens”.

Last year, the Lithuanian Burners community organised Baltic Burn, an event that brought people from Australia, Israel, Japan, the US, Mexico, and other countries.

“We created a magical atmosphere similar to Burning Man, which was full of self-expression, creativity, and simple human-to-human connection,” Erika Kielė, Amber Burn organiser, is quoted in the press release.

Amber Burn organisers also said the event will be non-commercial, not sponsored, and will invite every participant to become an organiser.

“The beauty [of the event] is in the fact that you never know how it will look in the end. Every participant brings a piece of himself and sets up thematic camps, creates installations, organises performances, or volunteers,” said Povilas Germanavičius, head of Lithuanian Burners community.

Germanavičius added that the sense of community is what makes the events organised by Lithuanian Burners feel special.

The original Burning Man is a huge event, where it is almost impossible to see everything that happens. Meanwhile, Amber Burn is “a cosy gathering, where you can get to know everyone who comes here,” said the organiser.

Due to limited capacity, those interested to buy tickets are advised to fill in a registration form before July 5, the organisers say.

According to the organisers, the registration process is necessary to make sure that people better understand the concept of Amber Burn.

“Many think that our gatherings are similar to music festivals […],” said Germanavičius. “But it is important to know that it’s not your usual festival where you pay for the ticket and everything is done for you. Everything you experience at Amber Burn depends on yourself.

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