2020.03.15 09:38

Movement of people under quarantine: what you need to know 2020.03.15 09:38

The Lithuanian government has decided to put the country under a two-week quarantine starting on Monday to limit the spread of the coronavirus. The measures include vast restrictions on the movement of people. Here is what they are.

Foreign nationals will not be allowed to come to Lithuania. However, a number of exceptions apply to:

- drivers and crew members of commercial cargo;

- foreign nationals who are residents of Lithuania;

- diplomatic staff;

- foreigners serving in and servicing NATO units as well as their family members;

- people will be allowed transit through the Lithuanian territory to their home country until March 19.

Lithuanian citizens will not be allowed to leave either, unless they reside or work in another country. Moreover, exceptions can be granted by the State Border Guard Service.

While no restrictions on movement within the country are planned, inter-city transit providers will have to ensure at least one-metre distances between passengers and disinfect vehicles regularly.

No cruise ships will be allowed to dock at the port of Klaipėda.

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More information on the Lithuanian government's page (in Lithuanian)