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Lithuanian customs seize drug shipments on Polish, Belarusian borders

BNS 2019.10.11 14:00

Lithuanian customs officers on Wednesday detained two large drug shipments, the country's Customs Criminal Services said.

A Russian citizen was detained on Wednesday night near Kalvarija after entering Lithuania from Poland and 3.6 kg of cocaine were found in a hidden compartment of his vehicle's battery.

In the morning in Medininkai, two Russian citizens were detained on their way to Belarus after 38.4 kg of hashish were found hidden in the vehicle's ceiling and the fuel tank.

The total black-market value of the detained drugs stands at around 720,000 euros.

Pre-trial investigations have been launched into the two incidents. In the first case, the Russian citizen was arrested for three months, and in the second case, a Vilnius court sanctioned the arrest of the two Russian citizens for three and two months respectively.

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