2019.06.13 09:08

Lithuanian government allows to clear forest for military training

Lithuania's government on Wednesday gave permission to fell part of the forests in Švenčionys and Jonava Districts for the expansion of the Pabradė and Gaižiūnai military training areas.

The government's resolution allows changing the intended use of the areas involved, thus allowing tree felling. The status of 191.15 ha of state forest in the territory of the Pabradė training area will be changed. And 43.95 ha of state forest near the Gaižiūnai training area will also see its status changed.

The Ministry of National Defence says only part of these forest lots will be cleared for new roads and military infrastructure. The exact areas to be cleared is not disclosed yet, but the ministry has vowed to take environmental requirements into account.

Now the forest territories cannot be fully used for the movement of Lithuanian army or allied units and prevent infrastructure development.

Chairing the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Energy Ministry Žygimantas Vaičiūnas expressed hope that an equivalent area of the cleared forests will be replanted elsewhere.