2021.08.19 09:36

Belarus stages mock testimonies of migrant beatings in Lithuania – video

LRT.lt2021.08.19 09:36

Lithuanian authorities have published a video, allegedly showing Belarusian officers staging mock testimonies of alleged beatings of migrants at the hands of the Lithuanian border guards.

The State Border Guard Service (VSAT) published the video on Wednesday, where four migrants can be seen loitering in Lithuanian territory after crossing from Belarus. In what the service said was a provocation, the migrants then head back to Belarus, where they are filmed by Belarusian officers testifying about alleged beatings at the hands of the Lithuanian authorities.

Baltarusijos pareigūnų paruošti 4 migrantai-provokatoriai įeina į Lietuvos teritoriją, tačiau niekur neskuba

“After having recorded this totally fake drama, both the actors and the directors disappear in the darkness of Belarus forests,” VSAT said in a post on Facebook.

This follows an incident reported the same day, when 12 Belarusian officers crossed into Lithuanian territory after they pushed a group of irregular migrants over the border.

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Lithuanian minister: Belarus has special set for filming fake border videos

Earlier on Wednesday, Interior Minister Agnė Bilotaitė said Belarus has created a set for shooting fake videos of alleged incidents on the border with Lithuania.

"We have information that there is a set with a mock border where certain videos are filmed and later used both to mislead international organisations and to spread disinformation," she told reporters, commenting on a growing flow of disinformation from the neighbouring country.

The Minsk regime is using various means in its "hybrid attack" against Lithuania, the minister said.

Commenting on the staged mock confessions, Bilotaitė said that Lithuania has “to show that we are resilient to such nonsense”.

Over 4,100 irregular migrants, most of them Iraqi, have crossed into Lithuania from Belarus so far this year.

Lithuania has declared a state-level extreme situation over the irregular migration influx which it says is being orchestrated by the Belarusian regime.

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