2021.04.06 11:43

Lithuania lifts domestic travel ban

LRT.lt2021.04.06 11:43

The ban on travelling between municipalities is expiring this week and will not be extended, Health Minister Arūnas Dulkys said.

“From midnight on April 7 travel between all municipalities will be open,” Dulkys told reporters on Tuesday.

Non-essential travel inside Lithuania has been in place since mid-December. The ban was lifted in some municipalities in mid-March, but was reintroduced to prevent the spread of coronavirus infections over Easter.

“These restrictions had been reimposed temporarily, for Easter, we encouraged people to stay at home and we thank everyone who refrained from non-essential travel,” Dulkys said.

The pandemic situation “is not improving”, he noted, but the government will use testing and vaccination as its main methods of containing the virus.

Meanwhile the ban on travelling within the country has been “exhausted”, according to Dulkys.

“We see that this measure has done its job, it helped Lithuania leave the peak when it was number one in Europe. Travel restrictions will be discontinued irrespectively of what the situation is in individual municipalities,” the health minister said.

According to Dulkys, the number of new infections is rising and almost 1,000 patients with Covid-19 are currently being treated in Lithuania's hospitals.

Vilnius is the most affected city, he said, the situation is deteriorating in Kaunas as well.

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