2021.02.25 13:46

Lithuania finishes vaccinating health workers, 75 percent have immunity – ministry

BNS2021.02.25 13:46

Lithuania has this week finished administering Covid-19 vaccine shots to its health system workers, the top priority group, and three-fourths of them have now acquired immunity to the coronavirus, the Health Ministry said on Thursday. 

Over 60,000 healthcare workers have been vaccinated in almost two months, it said.

Fifty-six percent of them have received two vaccine shots and the remaining 19 percent have developed an immune response after recovering from the virus.

They will become eligible for vaccination three months after being diagnosed with Covid-19 or 60 days after a positive serological test.

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Medical workers who have not yet received their shots for other reasons will be able to get vaccinated whenever they want, the ministry said.

Lithuania is currently inoculating cancer patients and elderly people.

"If the producers keep to their delivery schedules, mass vaccination of the population could start in May," according to the press release.

Lithuania began to vaccinate its frontline medical workers on December 27 when the first batch of the vaccine arrived in the country and started giving shots to all other healthcare workers at a later stage.