2020.09.15 10:56

Arrivals in Lithuania must fill online questionnaire, may cut self-quarantine

LRT.lt2020.09.15 10:56

As of Tuesday, travelers coming to Lithuania must fill out an online questionnaire. Under some conditions, self-isolation period can be cut from 14 to 10 days.

People traveling on regular flights or other public transport routes will be asked to give their personal details on an online form and present a QR code upon boarding the vehicle.

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The information will be held by the National Public Health Centre (NVSC) and used to trace coronavirus infections.

“Trip organisers and carriers are obliged to make sure that passengers board their vehicles after filling out the NVSC's questionnaire,” Health Minister Aurelijus Veryga said last Friday. “This will make it easier to collect data about people returning from coronavirus-affected countries and make sure they observe self-isolation rules.”

Travelers coming to Lithuania on private vehicles from coronavirus-affected countries must fill out the questionnaire within 12 hours of arrival.

Lithuania considers a country to be affected by the coronavirus, if it has reported more than 25 new cases per 100,000 people over the last two weeks. The threshold was raised from 16 this week.

Travelers from coronavirus-affected countries must present a negative Covid-19 test and self-isolate for 14 days.

Under certain conditions, the self-isolation period can be shortened to 10 days. That is possible if the person did not have any direct contact with a known coronavirus case, did not develop any symptoms and tested negative for Covid-19 no earlier than eight days after coming to Lithuania.

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