2019.12.20 10:00

Belarus’ nuclear plant to receive fuel early 2020

LRT.lt2019.12.20 10:00

Belarus’ nuclear plant will receive its first fuel supplies in early 2020, according to the Belarusian state-owned news agency BelTA.

“We will bring it one to one and a half months ahead of the physical launch to avoid the slowdown of work on the first unit,” the Belarusian Deputy Energy Minister Mikhail Mikhadyuk told BelTA on December 19. “We will have nuclear fuel delivered in the first quarter of the year.”

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Lithuania has declared the nuclear plant located some 50 kilometres from Vilnius a threat to national security due to environmental and safety reasons. Minsk denies all allegations.

“We are testing how all the equipment works with routine operation parameters,” said Mikhadyuk.

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Following the loading of fuel, the first unit of the Russian-built nuclear plant will be connected to the power grid and the plant will become operational in 2020, according to BelTA.

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