2019.12.08 11:30

Vilnius Airport puts Christmas tree made of confiscated items

Viktorija Lideikytė, LRT.lt2019.12.08 11:30

A Christmas tree decorated with knives, bullet cases and toy guns is not a prop from a Bond villain hideout, but an actual decoration in Vilnius Airport.

Security guards at Vilnius International Airport decided to decorate a Christmas tree with things that are always in plentiful supply in their job, prohibited items confiscated from airport passengers.

“The tree is made of knives, cartridge cases, scissors, fake guns and other prohibited objects,” says Vidas Kšanas, the head of the airport's Safety and Security Department.

More than a decoration, the tree also serves as a reminder to passengers of what they are not allowed to carry into a plane.

“Most often passengers carry gas dispensers, which are not allowed either in carry-on or checked-in luggage. There are often sharp objects, long knives and even imitation guns, none of which are allowed to be transported through airports,” Kšanas tells

The Christmas tree at Vilnius Airport's security check zone contains scissors, screwdrivers, lighters and plastic guns. The star on the top is made of cheese knives.

Kšanas insists, though, that airport security do not confiscate passengers' belongings – they are first advised to leave prohibited items in airport storage or with accompanying people. Only if it is impossible, will the security take them.

Prohibited foods can be given to the Food Bank in all three of Lithuania's airports, he notes.

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