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2012.07.10 15:22

Transparency International Summer School

2012.07.10 15:22

Young leaders gather to Transparency International Summer School on Integrity that takes place in Vilnius, Lithuania, July 9-14.

Young leaders gather to Transparency International Summer School on Integrity that takes place in Vilnius, Lithuania, July 9-14.

It’s the third Transparency International Summer School on Integrity with almost one hundred students from thirty-six countries participating in the Event.

The goal of the TI School is to engage youth leaders from across the world in the discussion on transparency and offer them practical solutions to good governance and venues for active engagement in anti-corruption work within their countries.

Students will address the reasons for emergence of corruption in public and private sectors, nepotism and state capture, the interrelation between corruption and organized crime and the role of ICT transparency tools in achieving greater accountability.

This year participants will be greeted by the former Head of the World Bank Institute, Daniel Kaufmann, and many other leading anti-corruption experts.  President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite welcomed audience during the opening ceremony.

Organizing International School on Integrity in Vilnius is part of Lithuania’s efforts in stropping the spread of corruption. Corruption remains one of the most complicated issues in today’s Lithuania, although it receives a considerable portion of attention in governmental projects and political rhetoric.

Lithuania’s corruption perception index is 4.8 (out of 10). Scandinavian countries and New Zealand have the highest rankings while Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia - lowest.

Video material that was submitted to European Broadcasting Union:


1. Imitation of a bribe

2. Soundbite (Lithuanian) Sergejus Muravjovas, Executive Director, Transparency International Lithuania:

We’ve been speaking for a long time that effective protection of whistleblowers should be created. The Law is in Parliament, but so far it has not been approved. There are channels for whistleblowers in various institutions, but they do not work as they are supposed to. On the other hand, our resources for fighting corruption are meager.

3. Dalia Grybauskaite arrives at the opening ceremony

4. Soundbite (Lithuanian) Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite:

I am happy that the fear against any crime has disappeared. The law enforcement authorities conduct investigations against those in power, regardless if they represent political position or opposition. They have no need asking permission for it. If there is a criminal activity, the investigation is launched.  To my mind, that is positive.

5. Various shots of students and experts

6. Soundbite (Ukrainian), Viktorija Vdovychenko, Lecturer, Kyiv National University of Economic:

My country, unlike Lithuania, has not had time to grow up. Processes in Ukraine need time.

7. More shots of students