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2013.05.29 11:03

Lithuania became the winner of the alternative Eurovision

DELFI|The Lithuania Tribune2013.05.29 11:03

An alternative Eurovision contest was arranged by the website, writes 

An alternative Eurovision contest was arranged by the website, writes

Underground performers were selected from 39 countries that participated in the contest by people who voted for their favourite pieces on-line. To Lithuania’s joy, the winner of this informal contest became a Lithuanian DJ, who performs under the pseudonym Boyfriend and who released the album ‘Winter Titty’ last year.

Vytis Gruzdys started performing on an evolving ‘moombathon’ style stage a few years ago, but his songs grew up from this style soon. Last year he released the ‘Winter Titty’ album, which was recorded with a New York rapper Zebra Katzu.

The Lithuanian performer got 16 per cent of the votes and took the first place. Here is a link to the winning piece:

The second place went to a hip-hop producer Yeah Left (Serbia) as he got 12 per cent of the votes. The performer called Kondaktor (Greece) with a strange piece ‘Kozak’ won the bronze. The fourth place was taken by ELOQ (Denmark), and the fifth – by Nistokki (Finland).

The alternative Eurovision showed that each country has received at least a few votes, but after calculating the results, Albania, Georgia, Armenia and Cyprus have zero per cent of the votes. Albania with 12 votes took the last place.

France and Germany, that are politically influential in Europe, got only one percent of the votes. The same is true for the usual Eurovision winners: Ireland, Italy and Spain, they were even lower than Russia with only two percent of the votes.

Denmark is still the leader. Denmark triumphed in this year’s official Eurovision song contest, and won an honourable fourth place in the alternative Eurovision contest.

The results of the Alternative Eurovision are the follows:

Lithuania 16 percent, Serbia 12 percent, Greece 9 percent, Denmark 7 percent, Finland 5 percent, United Kingdom 4 percent, Belarus 3 percent, Estonia 3 percent, Norway 3 percent, Switzerland 3 percent, Latvia 3 percent, Austria 2 percent, Netherlands 2 percent, Hungary 2 percent, Sweden 2 percent, Russia 2 percent, Ukraine 2 percent, Slovenia 1 percent, Germany 1 percent, Montenegro 1 percent, Belgium 1 percent, Spain 1 percent, France 1 percent, Iceland 1 percent, Romania 1 percent, Italy 1 percent, San Marino 1 percent, Ireland 1 percent, Israel 1 percent, Macedonia 1 percent, Bulgaria 1 percent, Croatia 1 percent, Malta 1 percent, Moldova 1 percent, Azerbaijan 1 percent, Armenia 0 percent, Cyprus 0 percent, Georgia 0 percent, Albania is 0 percent.